Annie Keith

Teacher Educator, CGI Professional Development

Annie Keith, elementary school teacher, Madison, WI was one of 20 teachers who attended the very first CGI PD session in the summer of 1986 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has been using CGI as the guiding force in her math instruction for over 30 years as a classroom teacher.  She’s taught at every grade level, K-5, as well as in multi-age First/Second, Second/Third and Fourth/Fifth grade classrooms. Her school serves students who are from families at the highest as well as the lowest economic levels in the city and represent a variety of racial and social backgrounds.  CGI has helped Ms. Keith embrace the diversity in her classroom. CGI supports her to develop a community of learners among her diverse population of students. Each of her students, from the most sophisticated mathematicians to the students with math anxiety and/or an emerging understanding of grade level concepts, hold an important role when discussing math concepts. Ms. Keith enjoys teaching teachers as much as she enjoys teaching children and has been teaching CGI PD courses since 1990.