CGI Professional Development For Teachers

Our CGI PD courses are informed by 25 years of research on teachers’ learning and over 50 years of research on students’ math learning. Our center director, Linda Levi, was a member of the team that designed and delivered CGI professional development (PD) in multiple CGI research projects starting in 1989.

Our CGI PD leaders build on the knowledge and experiences of the teachers in their courses similarly to how CGI teachers build on the knowledge of their students. CGI PD leaders support each and every teacher to learn research-based frameworks for how children think about mathematics, including:

  • Problem Types Frameworks which describe how the structure of a problem influences how children think about the mathematical concepts embedded in the problem

  • Solution Strategy Frameworks which describe the developmental progressions of children’s mathematical thinking as illustrated by their strategies for solving problems

Our CGI courses also support teachers to use knowledge of children’s thinking to guide their instruction. Teachers who attend CGI PD learn to:

  • Support students to solve problems using their own strategies

  • Design or choose problems that engage their students with specific math content standards

  • Connect students’ strategies for solving problems to levels of understanding state math content standards

  • Adapt instruction so that all students learn with understanding

  • Engage students with each other’s mathematical ideas

  • Develop students’ identities as mathematicians capable of generating their own ideas and reasoning about the ideas of others


It’s crucial for teachers to interact with students to gain deeper knowledge of students’ mathematical thinking and how to use students’ thinking to guide instruction. We integrate work with students into all of our CGI PD courses. One innovative approach we take to working with students is our Classroom Embedded Professional Days. On these days, teachers assess a classroom of students’ understanding of specific math content standards, set learning goals for groups of students that match state math standards, design instruction to engage students with those learning goals, and observe the implementation of the lesson. Learn more about Classroom Embedded Work at Teaching is Problem Solving.


CGI Math Teacher Learning Center Instructors

Our 15 CGI Professional Development leaders have over 360 cumulative years teaching CGI PD. Each CGI Math Teacher Learning Center PD leader has been working with Center Director, Linda Levi, for at least 8 years. Our CGI PD leaders have a variety of experiences – some are full time classroom teachers, some are university professors, some are retired teachers, some are math facilitators.  Our diverse group of leaders ensure that we continue to learn from each other and are able to meet the needs of each and every teacher and agency we work with.


We offer three grade bands of CGI Professional Development for teachers:

  • CGI for Kindergarten through second grade teachers

  • CGI for third through sixth grade teachers

  • CGI for Kindergarten through fifth grade teachers

We also offer:

  • CGI Professional Development for Administrators

  • CGI Classroom Coaching

CGI K-2 Content Frameworks

  • Learning to count

  • Addition and subtraction with single digit addends and learning addition and subtraction facts

  • Introduction to multiplication and division with single digit factors 

  • Multidigit addition and subtraction

  • Base-ten number concepts – whole numbers

  • Equations

  • Early algebraic concepts

CGI 3-6 Content Frameworks

  • Multiplication and division with single and multidigit factors and learning multiplication and division facts

  • Understanding fractions as quantities

  • Multiplication and division of fractions 

  • Base-ten number concepts – whole numbers and decimals

  • Addition and subtraction of whole numbers and fractions

  • Equations

  • Early algebraic concepts

CGI K-5 Content Frameworks

Our CGI K-5 course is designed for times when a large group of teachers from a school can attend the session together. We typically focus on the following content frameworks but are happy to make adjustments to meet the needs of your group.

  • Addition and subtraction of whole numbers and learning addition and subtraction facts

  • Multiplication and division of whole numbers and learning multiplication and division facts

  • Base-ten number concepts

  • Understanding fractions as quantities

  • Equations

  • Early algebraic concepts


CGI Classroom Coaching

We work with teams of 2 - 4 teachers to plan and teach lessons based on data from the students in the classroom and school district or state learning standards. Coaching typically occurs after at least 2 days of seminar style CGI PD.  We spend a half day with each group of teachers we work with.

CGI Professional Development for Administrators

Administrators are welcome and encouraged to attend courses alongside their teachers.  The CGI for Administrators seminar is designed to provide additional information on supporting CGI within a school.  If administrators are unable to attend CGI PD with their teachers, we add a CGI Overview to this course.