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Visit the Heinemann Publishing to view books about CGI, a CGI blog, and video of CGI teachers, students, and classrooms.

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Some of the many articles, books and book chapters about CGI are listed here.

CGI Conference for Teachers and Teacher Leaders

The next CGI conference will be held June 24 - 26, 2019 in Minneapolis, MN. More information.


CGI Number Facts Strategy Assessment

When teachers understand the strategies that students use to solve number facts, teachers can design instruction to support learning number facts with understanding. See our complete assessment.

Purposeful Pedagogy and Discourse Instructional Model: Student Thinking Matters Most

In this paper, CGI Math TLC instructor, Linda Jaslow, provides insight into planning instruction around students’ thinking.

Teaching is problem solving. Just as math instruction should be organized to involve children to actively construct their own knowledge with understanding, teacher professional development should be organized to involve teachers to construct their own knowledge.
— Professor Tom Carpenter, Co-founder of CGI, A Leader of the CGI Team for over 35 years.