Our Mentor Teachers

The CGI Math Teacher Learning Center Mentor Teachers are full time elementary school teachers who have been using CGI in their math teaching for the past 5 - 15 years. Teaching is a complex problem solving endeavor. Our mentor teachers share information about their teaching not so that you can replicate what they do but rather to help you think about solving the problems of teaching in your own class. Just as students learn from engaging with other students’ math strategies, teachers can learn from thinking about what other teachers do in their classrooms. Some of our mentor teachers’ ideas will work for you and others won’t, but in all cases you’ll grow as a teacher by thinking about what these teachers do in their math instruction.

We encourage you to look at the information shared by teachers at grade levels other than your own. For example, problems that may stretch a 3rd grader’s thinking could be used to practice fluency with 5th graders.

We will periodically add to this page. Send us a message if you would like to be notified when additions are made or if you have suggestions about what might be useful for you.