CGI Math Teacher Learning Center Mission


Too few US students, especially those from traditionally underrepresented groups, have an adequate understanding of mathematics and a disposition that supports mathematical inquiry.  Lack of mathematics preparation is problematic both for our students and our society in that workplace expectations, household management, and informed citizenship require mathematical understanding.  Improving mathematical literacy requires more than increasing access to traditional mathematics instruction. A paradigm shift is required in how math is taught. Math instruction must move away from focusing on teaching procedures without connection to meaning and towards teaching that supports each and every student’s mathematical understanding. This paradigm shift will support students to learn the math they need to know and, equally important, view themselves as capable of generating their own mathematical ideas and reasoning about the ideas of others. CGI has a well-established track record of supporting equity and inclusion and excellence in mathematics. Research suggests the CGI approach is as effective, if not more effective, at increasing mathematics learning for students in high-poverty schools, Latino students, black students and students with learning disabilities.

Every student has the right and ability to understand mathematics.
— Linda Levi, Director, CGI Math Teacher Learning Center