Patricia Goodman

Teacher Educator, CGI Professional Development

Patricia Goodman, K-5 Math District Lead Teacher, Little Rock, AR attended her first CGI PD session when she taught in a K-5 math lab setting within an elementary school primarily serving students living in poverty and students with special needs. As students progressed from one grade level to the next she noticed they often retained the same unresolved mathematical misconceptions and struggles. This prompted her to seek other ways to help her students engage with mathematics. As she progressed through CGI Professional Development, she saw a shift not only in the way students approached and thought about mathematics, but also in the confidence level of their math teachers in the classroom. When Ms. Goodman became a math facilitator she supported teachers in her school as they implemented CGI with their students. In her current position she provides support for CGI implementation throughout her district. She completed an eight-year CGI leadership development program directed by Linda Levi, Director of the CGI Math Teacher Learning center. She has been teaching CGI PD sessions since 2012.