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Remona Moore

CGI Math TLC Mentor Teacher, Third Grade

CGI has changed the way I approach math in my classroom and the way I think about mathematics. My students aren’t scared of math or to take on a challenge when it comes to solving math problems of any kind. Word problems are their favorite!

Ms. Remona Moore is a 3rd grade teacher at Meadowcliff Elementary school in Little Rock, Arkansas. She has been a teacher for 12 years. Her teaching experience includes being a classroom teacher at each grade K-4, teaching in self-contained special education classroom, and working as a math coach.  Ms. Moore began her CGI journey in the summer of 2009. She knew that there had to be a better way to teach math and was hoping to improve her ability to teach counting with understanding to her kindergarteners. Ms. Moore had no idea that the CGI would completely change how she thought about teaching math as well as her understanding of mathematics. CGI isn’t a typical professional development that tells someone how to teach a curriculum — it changes a person’s own beliefs about learning, teaching and mathematics.  Ms. Moore began leading CGI professional development for the state of Arkansas in 2013.

The children in Little Rock School District come from a variety of racial and economic backgrounds. Her current school is a Title One K-5 school with 96% of students receiving free and reduced lunch. The population of her school is just over 250 students with 5% Caucasian,10% Hispanic and 85% African American.