Tara Sanders

CGI completely changed my classroom. It changed the way I taught, it changed the way my students engaged in problem solving, and it changed all of our attitudes about math and our ability to do it.

CGI Math TLC Mentor Teacher, Fifth Grade

Mrs. Tara Sanders is a fifth grade math and science teacher at Dardanelle Intermediate School in Dardanelle, Arkansas.  When she attended her first CGI workshop almost 10 years ago, she had no idea what she was in store for.  Mrs. Sanders thought it was just going to be another math PD session telling her how, what, and when to teach.  Instead, what she found was a session that empowered teachers to understand both math and how their students thought about it and how to use that to help them develop a true understanding of mathematics.  Since then, she has used CGI in grades K-5, as either a teacher or an instructional facilitator, to support both students and teachers.  Mrs. Sanders has also led CGI professional development for the state of Arkansas since 2013.  She says the most rewarding aspect of supporting others in their CGI journey is watching their mindset and attitude about math change.

The children in Mrs. Sanders’ school district come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.  Dardanelle School District is a Title One school district with 71% of the students receiving free or reduced lunch.  The population of her school district is 2,113 with 62% Caucasian and 34% Hispanic.