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Wendy Green

Mentor Teacher, Third Grade

CGI allows me to successfully meet the needs of all students with different levels of learning within my classroom.

Mrs. Wendy Green is a third grade teacher at Nettleton School District in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Her math instruction changed dramatically after attending her first CGI professional development session in 2009. Mrs. Green has experience using CGI in first, second, and third grade.  Currently, Mrs. Green teaches third grade mathematics at a Grades 3-6 Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) school.  Previously she used CGI while teaching at a K-2 school in the same district. She has mentored coworkers in her district as well as teachers in other school districts who have participated in workshops she has presented at her state‚Äôs educational cooperative since 2013. 


The children in her school district come from a variety of racial and economic backgrounds. Nettleton School District is a Title One K-6 school with 72% of students receiving free and reduced lunch. The population of her school district is 3,340 K-12 students with 41% Caucasian and 44% African American.